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Halloween in Cusco

Before we left Alaska I tried to research whether or not Peru celebrated Halloween. I read mixed accounts and it seemed to depend on where one was in Peru.

My children were pretty concerned about missing Halloween so I just told them we were missing it all together and let them wear some old costumes to our relatives for a day before we left in September to Lima. Halloween approached while we were in Cusco and as spider webs and costume sales popped up I asked around and discovered that in the touristy district around the Plaza De Armas there is a big congregation of children in costumes and what we know as trick or treating. What is interesting about this is that when the children walk up to a perspective candy giver, they shout “Halloween!” and hold their containers out for candy. I found a place online called ‘Bee Happy’ that rented costumes for 15 soles and we took a taxi over for the boys to pick some out. I didn’t want to buy costumes and drag them around in our packs so this was a great option for us.

On Halloween my boys dressed around 5pm and we headed out to mingle. I didn’t really know what to expect but right away we encountered tons of kids in costumes heading to the plaza and getting candy along the way. So that’s what we did too. The candy was simple and the boys enjoyed yelling”Halloween!” with the other kids.

At the Plaza De Armas we wondered through the crowds and before we left the boys enjoyed giving most of their candy away to younger kids. It was different than back home but a fun mix on a favorite holiday. Rex got his face painted and both boys went back to the hostel feeling like Halloween was a success.

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