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Camping at Lowell Point in Seward

One of our family's favorite places to camp is in Seward at Lowell Point. Seward is known for its soaring mountains, beautiful Sitka spruce trees and quaint fishing atmosphere with great access to glaciers, tide pooling and wildlife.

There are two campgrounds located at Lowell Point and we usually chose the Silver Derby Campground because it is tucked away in the trees and has good loops for the kids to ride their bikes through. This June, a few of the Sterling families gathered at this campground for some hiking, tide pooling and campfire fun. We were the first family to arrive at this camp out( a first!) and had our pick of sites so we found one with a good tree to hang a few swings from.

As more families rolled in, our fire became the central fire and we enjoyed an evening of shared cooking, roasted marshmallows and story swapping. This location is perfect for quick access to the beach and as we took an evening walk and the sun lowered below the mountains we discovered a humpback had just passed through and those lucky enough to see it were excited about such a close encounter.

After a lengthy breakfast the next day( it takes a lot to feed 16 kids!) we headed to the beach with buckets and boots to catch the low tide and search the rocks for life. My boys love flipping rocks and finding scuttling crab, sucker fish and eels to capture and the few lucky that found eels proudly showed them off to all the kids.

The trail head for Cains Head State Recreation is a couple minute tuck ride from the campground and we loaded everyone up and headed there later that day. Our plan was to hike the 1.7 miles to Tonsina Point, just a short portion of the trail that leads to the old military instillation on Cains Head left over from WWII. With two babies, two toddlers and a herd of kids, it is a very moderate hike and offered plenty of interesting stops and views.

We took the stroller as far as we could but shortly before the trail started to snake its way down the mountain to Tonsina Point, we left it behind. At the bottom the kids were thrilled to discover a bridge spanning Tonsina Creek and a few of the older ones managed to get sopping wet. We walked the beach a bit and enjoyed the beautiful view before turning back and heading home.

I was glad we hauled the stroller as far a we did because on the way back one of the young walkers gave up and I put Wren in her kid carrier and we pushed the other one to sleep on the way back.

We finished our evening around the fire while kids climbed in the woods and raced their bikes through the campground.

For information on Cains Head State Recreation Area click here.

For information about the Silver Derby Campground click here.

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