How to travel with a toddler that likes to wander

Some toddlers just like to wander. They are fearless, curious and distracted by the world around them. It can be overwhelming taking them to big events or traveling with them when they seem to disappear so easily.

My youngest was the worst of my three kids. She vanished more times than I like to remember, and a few times it was terrifying. A few of the tricks I learned over the years of her vanishing really helped us move through public spaces with her more safely.

1. The Leash Backpack.

Toddler leash

It may seem silly, but a leash is amazingly helpful with a little wanderer. We used ours at the state fair & festivals, and it helped keep her from getting lost amongst so many people. Make sure to get your little one used to it before surprising them with it in public. Help them get excited about their new 'backpack' so they want to wear it. Ours was a monkey with a tail and there was never too much fuss about it. This pack runs for about $20 on Amazon and comes in different animals. To buy, Click Here.

2. Write you phone number on their wrist with a permanent

Phone number on toddlers arm

marker. Write MOM or DAD below it. That way if they do escape at an airport or public place, anyone who finds them can quickly call you. Teach them to point at their wrist to quickly alert the person who finds them.

3. Tracking devices

Toddler tracking device

This was what I finally settled on as the best option after my toddler vanished a few too many times. Get a Bluetooth tracking device. Sometimes called a Tile. Attach one to their coat, shoes and make a necklace out of one. I had to cover all the basics for my little wanderer. They can beep to let you know where your toddler is hiding if they are in the house. And with the accompanying app, you can look on a map and see which direction they went if they are out of range. It is a very useful tool to help find a missing little one. These will run you about $50. To buy, Click Here.

4. Dress them in Bright florescent clothing

Toddler on Seward beach

We got a florescent orange coat for our toddler and it helped us spot her much quicker in crowds and at playgrounds. Such a simple trick and yet it works so well.

If you have any more tricks that have helped you keep track of your wandering toddler, post a comment and let us know!