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Test Your Travel Gear Before A Big Trip

September 2, 2016




The last bit of time before a big trip must be the most stressful time in existence, at least for me it is. We have spent the last month emptying one house, preparing another, trying to research Peru, acquire a bit of Spanish and it has been chaos while learning to home school and chase a one year old around. The last week was the worst and I only made it through with family helping with the last bit of cleaning and organizing.  Thank you awesome family of mine for the encouragement and help through the craziness…


We found some great backpacks for our boys and so far they have held up well with some pre-trip hikes. We chose the Deuter fox 30 for each of our boys and what I like about them besides the great hip support and shoulder adjustment system is that they can also be adjusted for the height of each boy and they both fit my boys in all the ways that matter when carrying a hefty load.


For Wren I got a Kidco peapod to help out with nap time and containing her while protecting her from nap time bug bites. We introduced it to her before we left to make sure it would work for us on the go and so far she sleeps in it just fine. It is a bit tricky putting it back into the carry case but after watching the you tube tutorial a few times and a bit of practice it collapses down well enough for us.  As far as feeling prepared, I still feel like we have a ton to figure out but as we slowly get closer to departure I find that no matter what I have faith that we will make it work. It never hurts to have a good attitude!

We have reservations on Airbnb the first week in Lima in one of the safest districts, San Isladro, which is just north of Miriflores. After that we will take a bus to Ica for a week of play on the huge sand dunes. Then things get flexible for us. We will head south along the coast, east to lake Titicaca and then up to Cusco to hang out for a few weeks, see the sacred valley and visit the famous Machu Pichu and hike up to Rainbow Mountain. It has been my goal to make it there for two decades and finally it is happening. We have four months to explore, experience and adventure. And despite the stress, I couldn’t be more excited.



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